Reasons why I love breastfeeding!

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From once being adamant that I wasn’t going to breastfeed, to now still breastfeeding at 16 months and not knowing when to stop. For me, breastfeeding has been a vital part of surviving motherhood so far. Its times like this now Mylah has chicken poxs, I thank the Lord for my struggling boob (I only breast feed on one side) for some how still producing milk. It is remarkable how our bodies work and so I wanted to share with you why I personally love breastfeeding.

1. The convenience

Surely, I can’t be the only parent, after checking numerous times that you’ve packed everything in your babies bag, and later realise that you have forgotten to pack the formula when your baby Is demanding food. This is when the milk lady (what I like to refer myself as) is here to save the day, to quickly whip out the boobie and feed my baby, whenever and wherever she needs.

2.The best way to build babys immune system

It’s a hard truth but companies can try to make as many formula concoctions but can never be as equivalent to the power your breastmilk holds. You really are a woman of powers. For the first 6 months of your child’s life, YOU are all you need to provide your little one with all the nutrients to build their immune system, containing the right number of hormones, probiotics, healthy sugars and fats. You even shield your baby from infections by creating antibodies, which fight against germs, protecting your baby.

3. No more zombie night feeds

Making bottles during the night is NOT fun. I thought that pumping would save me from the trouble night feeds and lack of sleep but I was wrong.

If you want quick, hassle free night feeds then breastfeeding is your answer.

4. Helps snatch post-baby tummy

After giving birth, my belly still looked like I was 5 months pregnant. Everyone had told me that breastfeeding helped to lose the baby weight, to which I can agree.

At first, it felt so uncomfortable. Imagine feeling your organs and uterus cramping itself back to its original place in your body. As gruesome as it sounds that’s your body adjusting to its new familiar home. Breastfeeding speeds up that process as it burns calories from the body, helping to loose that baby weight and snatch the tummy.

5. She knows I’m the milk lady and you can’t get better bond than that!

There’s something special that happens when your little one snuggles themselves on you during a feed. It reminds me that she is literally apart of me. I feel so proud, responsible and sometimes even tearful knowing that as I’m still considered a home for my daughter internally when was growing and externally as she grows.

Breastfeeding is a journey within itself that involves a lot of sore trials and errors, although once mastered is a journey of growth, connection and convenience, lol. I hope this post helps you to stick with or consider trying breastfeeding.

Sending you positive vibes always.

Ren x

First Birthday ideas that doesn’t involve throwing a party

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A random post to save the parent who doesn’t know what to do for their child’s birthday. I remember busting my brains for alternatives when I decided that I wasn’t going to throw a party for Mylah’s first birthday. Although I eventually got there in the end, coming up with ideas was difficult, but don’t worry that’s why I am here to save you the hassle, sharing party alternatives will make the day just as special.

Book a holiday

It was only right that i made this my first suggestion as this is what we decided to do for Mylah’s birthday. Instead of having one day of Fun, Mylah had 4 days of fun in Barcelona. This was also her first holiday which for us is significant as we will never forget our first holiday as a family and the many photos we have to show her when she get older.

The Rainforest Café

This isn’t your average restaurant as when you first walk in it looks like a kiddies Safari toy store. However downstairs, is the coolest jungle themed restaurant, filled with the most amazing decoration for pictures. With fake animals moving and making sounds, they also do amazing cocktails for the adults. So If your little one isn’t afraid of the jungle this is a great place to invite family and friends for a celebration.

The Zoo

If the weather is lovely then why not take a trip to the zoo. Bring the books you read to your little one to life by letting them explore natures animals.

The Aquarium

In London we have a Aquarium called SEA LIFE where they hold fishes you’d wish your tank at home could hold. With soo many different fishes to see and soo much you can learn, your little one is bound to have there eyes hooked. They may also slap the glass which is what Mylah did scaring the poor fishies but overall had a blast exploring the underwater world.

Soft play centre

At the age of one your little one is preparing, if not already has started to walk and is trying to explore everything you don’t want them to. So why not put them in a safe environment away from hazards, to go wild at a soft play centre with other children. If you did want to have a cake cut with family and friends most soft play centres like Gambardos in London offer party packages giving them the responsibility of running the party for you.

A Baby Theatre

I haven’t been with Mylah as of yet but know others that have been. So if your a parent who loves the theatre and your baby loves watching ceebeeies then they may also enjoy the live entertainment of a baby theatre show, that will allow them to interact with the characters on the stage.

After all it is their birthday, so heck! Let them scream all they want. It’s not like you can stop them.

The first birthday is a tricky one as its a first and special milestone but also doenst have much of a variety dedicated for a birthday of that age. That’s probably because the most important thing your baby cares about is feeling the love you already give every single day.

I hope this post gave you some party alternative ideas you didn’t consider before. 

Sending you positive vibes always.

 Rens xo